Art Works

My studio work ranges from photographic series to individual mixed media pieces. These works are intimate accounts where observations and questions are expressed in poetic and metaphoric ways. They reflect my personal world and yet are universal in nature.

Continuing themes I explore include: our relationship with nature and the sense of wonder it creates, thoughts about temporality, consciousness, and transformation. The only constant in the universe is change; we experience this directly and continuously in nature. The sky, water, flowers and shadows show us the ever-changing delicate, ephemeral character of our world.

In my works, the beauty and mystery of nature, and its continually evolving states correlate with my inner world - the realm of dreams, memory and imagination. When I encounter nature, I experience myself. It is impossible to describe these moments, but through my art I perceive and record them in a poetic attempt at preservation.

With photography it is possible to capture a moment and its energy; this desire is the mental and emotional terrain of my work.